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Dawah CD 7 Characteristics of the Believing Women  

Islamic Dawah: 7 Characteristics of the Believing Women

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7 Characteristics of the Believing Women

Muslim women play an important role in the Ummah. Shouldn't the manners of a believing Muslim woman, then, be perfected? Here in this inspiring lecture series, Yahya Ibrahim presents the 7 main characteristics that the ideal Muslim woman should possess: sincerity, piety, patience, wisdom, tenderness, mercy, and an easy-going nature. This lecture series is especially dedicated to our dear Muslim sisters, who will, insha'Allah, be able to develop their own unique Islamic character!

Of Egyptian descent, Yahya Adel Ibrahim was burn in Canada and currently resides in Perth, Western Australia. He began memorizing the Quran at the age of 16 and finished 20 months later, receiving an Ijaazah. He began lecturing at the main mosques in Toronto at the age 17. In his quest for authentic and classical Islamic knowledge, Yahya Ibrahim traveled the world to meet, translate and study with Islamic scholars and students of knowledge. Being proficient in Arabic and English, he has translated books and various works from Arabic into English for many Islamic dignitaries.


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