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Purification of the Soul>>Al Istiqaama - Uprightness and Steadfastness

Islamic Books: Al Istiqaama - Uprightness and Steadfastness  

Al Istiqaama - Uprightness & Steadfastness By Ibnul Qayyim, Ibn Rajab, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Uthaymeen

Item Code : Darussalam.PSE42

Author : Ibnul Qayyim, Ibn Rajab, Ibn Kathir, Ibn Uthaymeen
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 24
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Al'Istiqaama - Uprightness & Steadfastness

Taken from some of the greatest Scholars in Islam

Praise be to Allah the Exalted, The Most High. And peace be upon His noble Prophet and Messenger and also upon his companions and those who follow in their footsteps.

What is before your very eyes is taken from a Khutba (sermon done on Friday in the Masjid) I was asked to do in Brixton Masjid on a Friday five years ago. I thought it would be of some benefit if I wrote it up and put it in t his web-site ; in order that I am of those who spread and convey the beautiful message of Islam

I thank Allah greatly for always helping me to be able to translate the works of our Scholars, at a time that we are in great need of more works to be out there. Specially, those that deal with the rectification of the soul or the heart.

The topic is on Istiqaamah: a topic which we all are in need of ; due to our slack and laziness we have with regards to our Deen (Religion.) Due to the importance of the topic, I donít think that my Khutba even covered even half of the topic and even gave the topic its due right, due to the topic being lengthy.

So I have just covered the surface of the topic and given quotes for those who want to further there studies on the subject. Like always, I try to mention the any Hadith in Arabic so that those who want to memorize can do so.

Lastly I thank Dawood Stanly Soyza from correcting this treatise. May Allah make this be a benefit to my brothers and sisters and I ask Allah to make it be a proof for me and not against me in deed He has the power to do all things.

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