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Book Of Emaan (Ibn Taymiyah)  

Book Of Emaan (Ibn Taymiyah). By Dr. Muhammad Naim Yasin

Item Code : Darussalam.GE71

Author : Dr. Muhammad Naim Yasin
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 495
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Book Of Emaan (Ibn Taymiyah)

According To The Classical Works Of Shaikhul-Islam ( Ibn Taymiyah )

According the most noble knowledge a man can learn and teach to others is the bases of belief (Iman) and its requirements. The Best precautionary measures he can protect himself with is the knowledge of the characteristics of disbelief (Kufr), its causes and exigencies. If man has insight into these two important things, he will know the way of his happiness and follow it, and avoid the way of his misery.

In this book, we hope to elucidate the pillars of Iman and the characteristics of kufr and its causes. Allah is the one who guides us to truth. If we do right, it is only from Allah, the truth. If we err, its only from ourselves and from Satan. We ask Allah to forgive us.