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Learning Arabic & Children Books>>Do Not Be Envious (Golden Advice Series)

Do Not Be Envious  

Do Not Be Envious (Darussalam Golden Advice Series)

Item Code : Islam.LE111

Author : Darussalam
Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : Size 14X21 PB
Pages : 86 Art Pap
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Price: £3.99
Do Not Be Envious (Golden Advice Series)

Ever heard of the cause of the first disobedience in the heavens? ENVY! That was it! Ibless (Shaytaan) disobeyed Allah, his Lord, out of envy, arrogance and pride. (See Al-Araaf (7): 12). Envy is also one of the commonest sins on earth! It is the deadly disease of the heart that destroys personal as well as communal relationships! ENVY: Its causes, its effects and hot to deal with it, is the subject of this small but beneficial book. May the one who is afflicted with this disease, fine cure in the prescription contained in this book. (Ameen)

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