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Islamic book - Educating The Women and Nurturing Them  

Educating The Women and Nurturing Them. By Sh. Muhammad Taqiyyuad-Deen Al-Hilali

Item Code : Darussalam.WE67

Author : Sh. Muhammad Taqiyyuad-Deen Al-Hilali
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 13X21
Pages : 49
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Price: £3.95
Educating The Women & Nurturing Them.

Verily your prevention of woman from learning and restricting her to just learning how to read the letters of the Holy Qur'an without comprehending its meaning is indeed far away from the propriety. It is un-Islamic, irrational, and far away from the pure knowledge, though you have deemed that Islam agrees with that and believed in it solely to the point that you have stated a flimsy weak hadith to prove your ideology, when this hadith has no manifestation in it according to the scholars of hadith. And this is with regard to its chain of narration.

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