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>>Electronic Reciter 2.0


Electronic Reciter 2.0

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The Electronic Reciter

Version 2.0 (New Print & Design)

Recitation of  Abdul-Baset and Muhammad Ayoub.

The Practical Program for Qur'an Recitation and Memorization for you, your Family, and your School! This program is nothing like you have seen before!

Features of this new version CD:

  • English and Arabic interfaces (you can easily switch between them at any time by right click on top of any place on the screen)
  • Completely redesigned interface: New scan of the entire Qur'an with larger images.
  • Displaying two pages with headings to mimic exactly the Madinah Qur'an style (Huffaz).
  • Simple control of the recitation and easy navigation of the Qur'an.
  • New ways to help one learn and memorize the book of Allah.
  • Selecting from two recitations: Abdulbaset Abdulsamad or Mohammed Ayoub.
  • Includes Ibn-Katheer and Aljalalain tafseer in Arabic.
  • Test section for testing knowledge of Ayaat (verses) and Suras (chapters).
  • Ability to print any part of any page in the Qur'an.
  • Ability to play across Suras: starting at any Ayah (verse) from one Surah (chapter) and ending at any Ayah from a later Surah.
  • Using the mouse to select a range from the displayed pages.
  • Controlling the amount of time the Reciter stops between Ayaat.
  • Selecting the color of the highlight and controlling its transparency.
  • Showing or hiding any part of any page using the mouse or selecting from the built-in options:
    • Show/Hide all Ayaat.
    • Show/Hide first Ayah in the page.
    • Show/Hide last Ayah in the page.
    • Show/Hide first and last Ayah in the page.
    • Display Ayaat in sequence for memorization review.