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Goodreads Al-Aqidah Al- Hamawiyyah of Ibn Taymiyyah  

Explanation of a Summary of al Aqidatul Hamawiyyah of Ibn Taymiyah

Item Code : Darussalam.AE40

Author : Shaikh Al-Uthaymeen
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X24
Pages : 208
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Explanation of a Summary of al Aqeedatul Hamawiyyah of Ibn Taymiyah

One of the works on this subject is his "al-Fatwaa al-Hamawiyyah" which he wrote as an answer to a question presented to him in the Hijrah year of 698 from Hamaah, a place in ash-Shaam. In it, he was asked what the scholars and Imaams of the religion say concerning the Aayaat and the Ahaadeeth of the Sifaat, or the attributes and characteristics of Allaah. So he answered in about 83 pages and due to which, he suffered trials and afflictions. May Allaah reward him on behalf of Islaam and the Muslims with the best of rewards.

Due to the difficulty in understanding and comprehending this answer from many readers, I wanted to summarize the most important points from it along with some other needed additions. I have named it "Fathu Rabb-il-Bariyyah bi-Talkhees al-Hamawiyyah."