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Darussalam computer software  

For the Seekers of Truth (computer software)

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Publisher : Darussalam
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This enlightening computer software includes the English text of the following 6 books: 1) Who is Allah & His Prophet 2) A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam 3) A Brief look upon Islam 4) A Glimpse at the beauty of Islam 5) Yes! I converted to Islam, & here is why 6) Christianity, the original & the present reality.

This message is for any freethinking and broadminded human being. It is for any seeker of the truth who might once have wondered what the religion of Islam is all about, who God (Allah) is, what the ultimate goal of man's existence is.

These questions and many others come up on different occasions but are brushed aside for various reasons. This booklet does not claim to answer the questions you may wish to have answered.

However, it will open before you an new dimension of thinking and enable you to realize the importance of your role as a human being in this universe and the relations between you and your Creator, God, the All-Mighty Allah.

Important features include:

  • Media sounds and video
  • Prayer times for all around the world
  • Advanced search
  • New and advanced indexing
  • Freedom to copy and print (for personal and Dawah purposes - can only copy limited amount of text at a time in this version)
  • Morphological and verbal search

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