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Goodreads: Foundations of the Sunnah. by Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal  

Foundations of the Sunnah. by Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal

Item Code : Sunnah.TPE15

Author : Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 209
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Foundations of the Sunnah. by Imaam Ahmad Bin Hanbal

A collection of 3 treatises of the great Imam, with full Arabic text included. The book is complemented with extensive footnotes and 11 appendices - making it a valuable item for any English speaking student of Islam. Also contains a comprehensive biography of the Noble Imam with many moving narrations from him.

Three of Imam Ahmad's treatise on Aqidah and Manhaj

The Life and Trials of Imam Ahmad

On the Meaning of Iman - Refutation of the Mu'tazilah

Concerning the Falsehood of Ta'weel - Refutation of the Ashariyyah

Concerning the Affirmation of Allah's Attributes with their Dhahir and Haqiqi Meanings

The Concensus of the Companions on the Prohibition of Reviling the Rulers and Publicising Their Faults

The Distinguishing Signs of Ahl us- Sunnah

The Distinguishing Signs of Ahl ul- Bidah

The Prohibition of Sitting and Mixing with the Innovators

The Necessity of Accepting the Aahaad Hadith - Refutation of the Modernists

The Aqidah of Abu Hasan al-Ash'ari and His Final Book 'Al-Ibaanah'


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