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Good Character>>Good Character

Darussalam - Good Character  

Good Character By Darussalam Research Division

Item Code : Goodreads.CGCE4

Author : Darussalam Research Division
Publisher : Darussalam
Pages : 64
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Good Character

Islaam stresses much about acquiring the good manners and good character. Many Verses and Ahaadith give the Muslims the direction that they should always try to present their good character before others whether they may be Muslims or non-Muslims.

We find in the teachings that we have to acquire good character in all walks of our life. We are to acquire that whether we are worshiping Allah or praying for the blessings of Allah upon the Prophet or while we are with the parents or we are behaving with the neighbors and relatives or we are with our friends and elders or young than us.

These good traits should be taught to our new generation, with this purpose in mind we have published this book to help the parents taught their children good character.


  1. Publisher's Note 9
  2. Introduction 10
  3. What do you know about good character? 12
  4. Good character from the Noble Qur'an 14
  5. The one who had the perfect character 17
  6. The obligation of the Muslim child from the Warner and Giver of glad tidings 20
  7. Good character from the life of the Messenger 21
  8. The story of the Messenger with the Bedouin Arab 26
  9. Do you want Allah to love you? 29
  10. Good character is the heaviest thing in the Scale 30
  11. Good character from As-Siddeeq 32
  12. Good character from Al-Farooq 36
  13. Good character from 'Uthmaan Thun-Nurayn 40
  14. Good character from 'Ali 42
  15. Good character and bad character 47
  16. The person with bad character is disliked and despised 49
  17.  A person with good character does not become angered easily 51
  18. Whoever says good, then he will hear good 52
  19. The story of a young man and good character 55
  20. Good character with Allah 56
  21. Good character with the Messenger (S) 57
  22. Good character with the parents 58
  23. Good character with the neighbors 59
  24. Good character with friends 61
  25. Conclusion 64

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