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Islamic Ruling on Jobs

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Fatwa By : Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid
Language English
Reference By Islam Q&A
Addition Date 04/09/2013
His Boss Tells Him To Accept Work From Contractors That Is Contrary To The Required Specifications
I work in a government department as an engineer and I have to accept the work of the contractors. Sometimes there is some shortfall in the specifications, so I tell my boss at work, who in turn tells his boss who is in charge of the department, and he gives instructions to overlook it and accept the work. What should I do from the shar‘i point of view if I obey my boss in this matter?.

Praise be to Allah.

If an employee is entrusted with some work, then what he must do is fulfill that trust properly, because Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Verily, Allah commands that you should render back the trusts to those, to whom they are due” [An-Nisa’ 4:58].

And the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah loves, when one of you does something, for him to do it well.” Classed as sahih by al-Albani in Silsilah al-Ahadith al-Sahihah, 1113.

Based on that, if this overlooking of specifications is something minor that is usually overlooked in contractors’ work, there is nothing wrong with overlooking it.

But if it is very different from what is required, to the extent that it may be regarded as deception or corruption, it is not permissible to accept the work from the contractor unless one writes a report of the shortcomings in which the contractor did not adhere to the specifications.

Even if in this case your boss instructs you to overlook it and accept the work, it is not permissible for you to obey him, because he is instructing you to deceive and lie, and the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “There is no obedience to any created being if it involves disobedience to Allah, may He be glorified and exalted.” Narrated by Ahmad (1098); classed as sahih by al-Albani in Silsilah al-Ahadith as-Sahihah, 197

If you can refer the matter to those responsible so that they may take appropriate measures, that will be a good thing. But if you are afraid that one of them may harm you, then it is sufficient to refuse to accept the work unless the faulty specifications are recorded. Then you will have done what is required of you in your work, so that you will not be accused of cheating or making a deal with the contractor later on.

It should be noted that if a person seeks to please Allah by angering people, Allah will be pleased with him and will make the people pleased with him.

So strive to please Allah, may He be exalted, and do not fear the blame of anyone for the sake of Allah.

“And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty).

3. And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose” [At-Talaq 65:2-3]

We ask Allah to help and guide you.

And Allah knows best.

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