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Darussalam: In Quest of Truth - Salman Al-Farisi  

In Quest of Truth - Salman Al-Farisi. by Abdul Basit Ahmad

Item Code : Biography.BE28

Author : Abdul Basit Ahmad
Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 48
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In Quest of Truth - Salman Al-Farisi

The Golden Series of the Prophet's Companions (Darussalam)

From the worship of fire in Persia, to Christianity in Syria, to the guiding light of Islam in the desert of Arabia; such was the journey of Sal man AI-Farisi(rza) as he set out in search of the truth. He abandoned a life of wealth, security and luxury in favor of seeking knowledge of His Lord, Allah. His life was a manifestation of the Prophet's statement:

"Whoever travels upon a path seeking to acquire knowledge, then Allah will facilitate for him a path to Paradise."

This story relates the events of Salman 's life and the miraculous manner in which he came to find and accept Islam