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Books In Package >>Lessons for New Muslims by Darussalam

Darussalam Islamic Lessons for New Muslims  

Lessons for New Muslims (7 books with cassette)

Item Code : Goodreads.BPE1

Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : Size: 14X21
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Price: £11.99

A Series of 7 Books with Audio Cassette for Purification and Prayer This enlightening set of 7 pocket size books is for revert Muslims includes: By Darussalam

  1. The Noble Qur'an Part 30. By Darussalam
  2. The Muslim Creed Expounded. By Darussalam
  3. Prayer and Purification. By Darussalam
  4. Basic Muslim Moral and Manners. By Darussalam
  5. Zakaah and Fasting. By Darussalam
  6. An Easy Guide to Hajj, Umrah, & Ziyaarah. By Darussalam
  7. Some Selected supplications form the Quran. By Darussalam
    Cassette includes procedures on how to perform wudu' and Salah.
    7 books and audio cassette are enclosed in a beautiful box viewed above

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