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Purification of the Soul>>Magic and Envy (DT)

Goodreads Salafi Books: Magic and Envy  

Magic and Envy (DT) By Sheikh Mohmmad M Al-Sha'rawi

Item Code : Darussalam.PSE23

Author : Sheikh Mohmmad M Al-Sha'rawi
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 78
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Price: £3.95
Magic and Envy (DT)

Magic is a hidden force which it appears that something is happening when inreality it is not actually happening at all. Envy is lack of contentment with the decree and power of ALLAH, and we are asked to be content with what He gives us.

This thorough research proves that Magic harms and does not benefit anyone. The book explains the existence of the unseen forces we experience and the magic of the eye caused by the magician which in fact is all a deception of the sight. Shaytans inspire the magicians persuading them of his knowledge of the unseen while in fact he does not have any access to the unseen or to the prediction of the future. However, if the shaytans did have power for example he could have saved himself and his tribe from Prphet Sulaymans punishment.
We know that although magic and envy are among the hidden forces of existence they are forces whose existence is very real and about which ALLAH Almighty has told us. In His Noble Quran ALLAH has asked us to seek refuge with him from Magic and Envy by reciting Surat Al Falaq and Surat An Nas every night for protection.

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