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>>Menstruation and Postpartum Condition


Menstruation and Postpartum Condition

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Author : Dr Abdul Rahman Abdullah
Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : Printed Copy
Pages : 64
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The birth of a human being is a most amazing phenomenon. The physical cycles that the body of women must endure in order to maintain this act of creation should be respected to the highest degree. Allah mentions that our mothers have born us with difficulty and struggle and because of this, are due to the highest respect. One among many of the difficulties that women must brave, are the doubts that these condition present to the correct observance of her religion. How is her fasting affected, how are her prayers affected, how is her ability to pursue her studies affected, and how are her conjugal relations affected by her ever changing physical condition in relation to her role as the sole vessel of the birth of man. A really valuable publication by Darussalam for all the Muslim women to study.

Menstruation and Postpartum Condition

  • Publishers Note
  • Definition of Menstruation and its Philosophy
  • What is the Philosophy and secrets lying behind this Blood?
  • Timing and Duration of Menstruation
  • Menstruation of the Pregnant
  • Rules of Menstruation
  • Istihadah (Bleeding) and its Pertinent Rules
  • the conditions of the Woman who is in the state Istihadah
  • (Bleeding)
  • Rules of Bleeding (Istihadah)
  • Some Important Questions and Answers Concerning Menstruation and Postpartum Condition
    • A woman does not become impure due to Menstruation or postpartum Bleeding
    • Using pills that prevent Menstruation
    • Discontinuation of bleeding during Menstruation
    • Drops of blood after performing a Ghusl
    • If a woman ends her period before sunset, she must offer the Zuhur and Asr Prayers
    • The Menstruation Women keeping herself clean from urine
    • getting her period while she is in the mosque
    • A Menstruation woman may read the books of Qur'anic community
    • It is permissible for a Menstruation woman to recite the Quran and Books of Supplications
    • The prayer of Mustahadah
    • If a woman with postpartum bleeding stops bleeding before a fortieth day, she must perform a Ghusul, pray and fast
    • Ruling concerning a miscarriage
    • Ruling concerning a discharge of blood five days before giving birth
    • The meaning of the Word Quru
    • Breaking the fast due to Menstruation and not making up for the days due to shyness
    • If the period continues for more than its normal length
    • If a woman has Miscarriage in  the third month of her pregnancy
    • Sexual Intercourse before completing forty days
    • Supplications of Menstruation Women
    • Prayer of a Menstruation Woman
    • Brownish or yellowish discharge after purity is to be ignored
    • A Menstruation woman may use henna
    • Menstruation  woman and writing the Quran
    • Don't be hasty
    • The blood that comes just prior to One's period is Irregular
    • Blood and One does not stop praying due to it

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