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Learning Arabic & Children Books>>Our Children and Memorization of the Quraan

Darussalam: Our Children and Memorization of the Quran  

Our Children and Memorization of the Quran. By Darussalam

Item Code : Islam.LE50

Author : Dar-us-Salam Research Division
Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : 12X17 PB
Pages : 32
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Our Children and Memorization of the Quraan

If I am to rate this book based on it's content I'll probably be giving it 5 stars and Allah knows best but I'll be rating this book based on it's title because that was probably led me to buying it. Because when I bought the book I was expecting to read about the story of a family and how probably they engaged on the journey of Hifz-al Qur'an with their child[ren]but alas what I read in the book on opening it was basically the virtues of memorizing Al-Qur'an which in any case could have been part of the book if it was probably in line with what I had in mind and Allah knows best. So I'm quite sorry in as much as I did find the book inspiring but then the title seems to be mis-informing as far as I am concerned, I'll be awarding the book two[2] stars because I could have simply search for books that talked on the virtues of Al-Qur'an e.t.c. and Allah knows best.

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