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Death, Unseen & Afterlife>>Signs of the End of the World

Isalamic book - Signs of the End of the World  

Signs of the End of the World By Dr Abdul Karim Awad

Item Code : Goodreads.DUE17

Author : Dr Abdul Karim Awad
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 112
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Price: £3.50
Signs of the End of the World & the Overwhelming Aspect of the Hereafter

In this book a great effort has been made to discuss virtually all signs of the Hour. However, it has been realized it would be of significant importance to consider matters concerning death and today's environment. The book is introduced by examining the wisdom behind the creation and the objective of our existence. This is a fundamental issue and a significant topic that is essential for mankind to understand the purpose of being created and the reality of life. The readers are then reminded of death; a subject that has an interrelationship with the Hour and is recommended by the Prophet to be always considered. Finally, this book covers, with a thorough description, al-Qitamah (day of Judgement) and its overwhelming nature. 

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