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Death, Unseen & Afterlife>>Smaller Signs of the Day By Darus-salam

Darussalam Smaller Signs of the Day  

Smaller Signs of the Day By Muhammad bin Bayyumi

Item Code : Goodreads.DUE22

Author : Muhammad bin Bayyumi
Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : Hard Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 128
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Smaller Signs of the Day. By Muhammad bin Bayyumi

The Day of Judgment in sure to came, but when it will be, it is a matter know only to Allah the Great.

But the Prophet Muhammad(saw) has told us about some signs the indicate that the day is coming nearer and nearer. Such signs are of three types: the first type of the signshave already come to pass. The soecond type of Signs are those that appear gradully with the passage of time. The Third type is of the signs that appear just very near to the Day- these are called the Greater Signs of the Day.

In this book we have dealth with the first two types of the signs that are know to be the smaller signs of the day.

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