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Tafseer Surah Maryam

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Both the Prophet Jesus and his mother, the blessed virgin Maryam (may Allah's peace be upon them both) hold a special position in the religion of Islam. They are considered to be exemplary models for Muslims because of their piety and devotion to Almighty Allah. In this unique lecture series, Yahya Ibrahim goes into depth explaining the chapter in the Qur'an about the Blessed Maryam. This chapter not only speaks about the story of Jesus and his mother, but also the stories of several other prophets of Allah that are common between Christianity and Islam, as well as aspects of Islamic belief, such as the description of the Day of Judgment. This enlightening series is enjoyable for all those seeking to understand the status of the prophets in Islam.

Of Egyptian descent, Yahya Adel Ibrahim was burn in Canada and currently resides in Perth, Western Australia. He began memorizing the Quran at the age of 16 and finished 20 months later, receiving an Ijaazah. He began lecturing at the main mosques in Toronto at the age 17. In his quest for authentic and classical Islamic knowledge, Yahya Ibrahim traveled the world to meet, translate and study with Islamic scholars and students of knowledge. Being proficient in Arabic and English, he has translated books and various works from Arabic into English for many Islamic dignitaries.