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Goodreads: The First and Final Commandment  

The First and Final Commandment. by Dr.Laurence B. Brown

Item Code : Islam.IE11

Author : Dr.Laurence B. Brown
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 15X22
Pages : 606
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The First and Final Commandment

A powerful challenge to conventional Judeo-Christian theology, The First and Final Commandment begins by defining the internal conflicts that fracture the metaphysical worlds of Judaism and Christianity from within, and indeed, which demand reappraisal of the Judeo-Christian scriptures themselves.

Incorporating detailed analysis, this work continues on to document the scriptural evidences that suggest continuity in revelation from Judaism to Christianity and, in the end, to orthodox (Sunni) Islam.

Provocative and thought-provoking, intelligent and inspiring, this book enters the melee of two thousand years of religious debate with clarity of vision, accuracy of detail, and common sense conclusions which boldly confront conventional Judeo-Christian conclusions.

About the Author

Laurence Brown received his B.A. from Cornell University, his MD from Brown University Medical School, and his ophthalmology residency training at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, DC.

He served as an ophthalmologist in the U.S. Air Force for eight years, earning the position of Chief of Ophthalmology both at Lakenheath Air Force Base in England and at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida (the largest military base in the free world).

Currently he is the Medical Director and Chief ophthalmologist of Magrabi Eye Center in the Holy City of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

He has lived and traveled extensively in the Middle and Far East, and brings that depth of experience to bear in this present work.