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The Legislation of Islaam. By Shaykh Abdul Azizz Bin Baz

Item Code : Darussalam.FE12

Author : Shaykh Abdul Azizz Bin Baaz
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X20
Pages : 64
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The Legislation of Islaam

It is hoped that if we implement these practices daily, doing
so sincerely for the pleasure of Allah, we will have fulfilled the two
conditions for the acceptability of acts of worship, namely: (i)
Al-Ikhlas (sincerity) and (ii) Al Mutaba'ah [adherence to the way of
Prophet Muhammad]. In this way, the true believer has hope of achieving
the greatest success, Al-Jannah. O Allah! We ask of You Al Jannah and
seek refuge in you from An-Naar

 I have selected this topic due to its great importance, as is well known. For verily, study of the Islamic Legislation (Shari'ah) and what relates to its virtues, its benefits, its concern for the servants (of Allah), and its necessity, is a great matter. The need for it (the Islamic Legislation) is very serious. Seeking to understand this and giving much attention to it is from the most important of matters. Therefore, due to the importance of this topic and the great need for increasing the understanding and insight concerning it, I decided that it should be the topic of this lecture. So with this, it should be clear to my brothers who are listening that this lecture is divided into two parts:

    * The first of them is, "The Islamic Legislaton and its Virtuous Qualities."

    * The second of them is, "The Necessity of the Islamic Legislation for Humanity."

I will address both issues in my speech, if Allah wills. 

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