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The Merits Of Islamic Religion. By Darussalam UK  

The Merits Of Islamic Religion By Sheikh Abdur Rahman Ibn Nasir Bin Sa'adee

Item Code : A10B21

Author : Sheikh Abdur Rahman Ibn Nasir Bin Sa'adee
Publisher : Darussalam
Book Format : 14X21 PB
Pages : 40
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  • Islam chosen religion by Allah is a complete code of life.
  • Islam is a solution of the problems of the world.
  • It fills the needs of the soul and the intellect.
It leads to;
  • spiritual life
  • Intellectual life
  • Personal life
  • Family life
  • Social life
  • Economical life
  • Political life
  • International life
"You will find in this booklet that Islam is a blessing for the world"

The Merits Of Islamic Religion

  • Forewords
  • Introduction
  • 1st Merit The foundation of belief
  • 2nd Merit The pillars of islam
  • 3rd Merit The Importance of Unity
  • 4th Merit The Religion of Compassion
  • 5th Merit The Religion of Wisdom
  • 6th Merit Jihaad and Enjoying Good
  • 7th Merit Business Law
  • 8th Merit Encouraging the use of Good Things
  • 9th Merit Protecting the Rights
  • 10th Merit Wills and Inheritance
  • 11th Merit Maintaining Justice
  • 12th Merit Protecting against Neglectful Spending
  • 13th Merit Making sure Justice in Business transactions
  • 14th Merit Charitable Loans
  • 15th Merit Preserving Property
  • 16th Merit Consultation
  • 17th Merit Prosperity Property
  • 18th Merit Ideals and Unity
  • 19th Merit The Religion that is Compatible with Rationale
  • 20th Merit Islam's Miraculous Spread!
  • 21st Merit A Comprehensive Religion

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