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Dawah - Uubreakable  

Islamic Dawah: Uubreakable

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Publisher : Darussalam
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Complete Set of the NJ Dawah Conference. Includes lectures by the following speakers:

Kamal El-Mekki, AbdulBary Yahya, Waleed Basyouni, Ronald Hassan & Sister Hana Gamal.


  • IT teaches you to look out for others
  • IT shows you the beauty of the soul
  • IT helps you to be human, to forgive
  • IT’s so flexible, breaking rules will sound boring
  • IT’s simplicity makes you appreciate LIFE
  • IT heals your pain and soothes your wounds
  • IT’s foundations were laid by the humble, yet the VERY BEST OF MEN Legends have bowed down to
  • IT in respect and found Courage in IT’s truth
  • IT holds the secret for success
  • IT’s all about surrendering Love to a Power greater than yourself
  • IT has room for clemency, no matter how abysmal your past
  • IT champions the cause of Freedom and the voice that goes with it.
  • For eons, IT has been a small step for Man, a quantum leap for the soul of Mankind
  • IT Comforts…Inspires…Rejuvenates…Makes you Confident…Spirited…Alive
  • No amount of Drugs can parallel the Highs IT gives
  • IT views Red, White, Black, Yellow and Brown as colors on an artist’s palette
  • Not men to create barriers in our bid for Harmony
  • IT is the Hallmark of civilization , The Heart of Life
  • Time has seen IT’s Tears and Trials…Time has also witnessed IT’s Triumphs
  • IT is the wise man’s Talisman, the Intellectual’s thinking tool, The Brave man’s hope
  • IT is not something to talk about
  • IT is a way of Life
  • IT’s not Attitude….IT’s Amelioration
  • For all mankind, for all times Pure and Pristine…Untainted and Unchanged
  • A 1400 year old message of Love, Peace, Monotheism
  • You have only One Life, One Chance
  • You also have a Choice
  • Your Life and Chances are Transient
  • But the Choice is yours to keep Let that Choice be…ISLAM


  • CD 1: Callers to the Truth -Part 1: History Lessons. By Kamal El-Mekki.
  • CD 2: Callers to the Truth -Part 2: Dawah Today. By Kamal El-Mekki
  • CD 3: Callers to the Truth -Part 3: 6 Billion Muslims. By Kamal El-Mekki.
  • CD 4: Aqeedah of the Da'iyah -Part 1. By Waleed Basyouni.
  • CD 5: Aqeedah of the Da'iyah -Part 2. By Waleed Basyouni.
  • CD 6: Purification of the Da'iyah. By AbdulBary Yahya.
  • CD 7: Dawah to the Nth Power. By Ronald Hassan.
  • CD 8: Assalam-u-Alaikum. By Kamal El-Mekki.
  • CD 9 - 11: Fiqh Ad-Dawah. By Waleed Basyouni.
  • CD 12 - 13: Shattering the Myth. By AbdulBary Yahya.
  • CD 14: The Great Alliance. By Sister Hana Gamal.
  • CD 15: Tafsir of Surah Hujurat, by AbdulBary Yahya & Dawah Squared, by Ronald Hassan.
  • CD 16: 360 Degrees. By Kamal El-Mekki

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