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Introductory And Dawah Books>>What Did Jesus Really Say?

Dawah Books: What Did Jesus Really Say?  

What Did Jesus Really Say?. By Mishaal ibn Abdullah

Item Code : A10B22

Author : Mishaal ibn Abdullah
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 15X23
Pages : 657
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God is One! Worship Him alone!'

This is the message of Islam. Islam is the message of God/Allah to all of creation. It began with Prophet Adam and was renewed again throughout the ages by the many other prophets of God/Allah including Moses, Jesus, Noah, Abraham, Muhammad and so many others, peace be upon them all.

The founding bedrock is most inviolable rule of Islam is to worship and obey none else. This one founding belief is the key to His Paradise and the violation of this all encompassing command will ultimately lead to His punishment in Hellfire.

This book attempts to study this founding belief from a number of angles both specific to the Christian faith and the teachings of Islam. It proves that the concepts of 'Son of God' and 'Trinity' were, as confirmed by Islam, later insertions into a unitarian message preached by Prophet Jesus and all other prophets before him. This is done for the most part by only quoting from authentic and accepted Christian references and from the Bible itself.