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Rulings of Witr Prayer
Rulings of Witr Prayer
Rulings of Witr Prayer. [Darussalam UK] By Dr. Muhammad Shabbir Usmani

About The Author
Abu Abdur-Rahman Muhammad Shabbir Usmani was born in the district of Faisal Abad, in Pakistan. at a very early age he began to learn the holy Quran and at the age of fourteen he had memorised the whole Quran. That task, he undertook at the same time he was attending secondary school, He passed the GSCE in Science Subjects and enrolled in an Islamic Education University in Mamu Kanjan, Faisal Abad. Pakistan. There, he studied pure and extensive religious studies for eight years after which he obtained a degree in Islamic Law in 1997. Also in that same year, he completed his B.ED  at Along with pure and Extensive religious education, Dr Usmani carried on with part time education in Government colleges and Universities.
He got his Masters Degree in Islamic Studies from Islamiah University Bahawal Pur Pakistan in 1996.

He came to England in 1997 to take up the position of Imam and simultaneously he pursued his quest for further education. To that end, he completed his Doctorate through working on Sahih Al-Bukhari, in 1999.
Since then, he has translated and written a number of books.
Now, he is working on Sheikh Al-Albaani's two major books: Silsilah Ahadith As-Sahihah and Irwa Al-Ghaleel. This work will besoon available in the books shops. In Shaa Allah.

Index Of Book Rulings Of Witr Prayer

Chapter 1: Virtues of Witr Prayer
Chapter 2: Witr Prayer is always a stressed Sunnah but not obligatory
Chapter 3: Time for Witr Prayer
Chapter 4: to encourage for offering Witr before going to sleep
Chapter 5: The command of offering Witr before morning (the daybreak)
Chapter 6: Offering With after Adhaan
Chapter 7: The numbers of Rak'ahs for Witr prayer
Chapter 8: Offering only one Rak'ah for Witr prayer and its nature
Chapter 9: Offering Witr with three Rak'ahs of Witr and their nature
Chapter 10: To observe five Rak'ahs of Witr and their nature
Chapter 11: Offering seven Rak'ahs of Witr
Chapter 12: How to pray Nine Witr
Chapter 13: About what to recite in Witr
Chapter 14: How to recite in Witr
Chapter 15: Making Witr Supplication before Ruku and after Ruku
Chapter 16: Raising Hands for Qunuut (Supplication) of Witr
Chapter 17: The saying of Ameen by the followers of an Imam in all prayers and in Witr Qunoot
Chapter 18: Supplication in Witr Prayer
Chapter 19: The supplications after Witr
Chapter 20: Prostration after Witr
Chapter 21: Offering two Rak'ah after Witr prayer
Chapter 22: The permission of offering extra prayer between Witr and the supererogatory two Rak'ahs of Fajr
Chapter 23: The legal status of making Witr as your last prayer during night
Chapter 24: The prohibition of the Prophet (S.A.W) from praying Witr twice during one night
Chapter 25: Who went to sleep without praying Witr or forgot it
Chapter 26: Praying the Witr on a mount
Chapter 27: Offering Witr during journey
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