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Rice Bonanza
Rice Bonanza
Rice Bonanza

Rice, a complete food in itself, mirrors India's culinary diversity binding us as people of a single nation. For the first time, this unique and outstanding book takes you on a culinary adventure through the kitchens of India giving you a vast array of lip-smacking rice dishes culled from all parts of our country such as:
Yakhni Pulao of Kashmir
Tehri of Punjab
Jeera Rice of Delhi
Meat Pulao of Uttar Pradesh
Fish Kofta Pulao of Bengal
Ven Pongal of Tamil Nadu
Kochi Seafood Pulao of Kerala
Vangi Bhaat of Maharashtra
...and many types of desserts
...go ahead, enjoy eating mouth-watering delicacies to your hearts content.
Manjira Majumdar, the author of this exclusive book on rice dishes and specialities, has done masters in Comparative Literature and worked extensively in the field of journalism and communication. Apart from sharing her expertise and experience in cooking, the author has penned a number of short stories and written a book on children also. Her interests include travelling and researching on food and lifestyle of people across the globe.
Price: £4.50