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Goodreads Clarifying the Meaning of La ilaha Illa Allah  

Clarifying The Meaning Of La Ilaha Illa Allah By Sheikh Ibn Baz

Item Code : Darussalam.AE66

Author : Sheikh Bin Baaz
Publisher : Non, Darussalam
Book Format : Soft Cover. Size 14X21
Pages : 43
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Clarifying the Meaning of La ilaha Illa Allah

To Our Noble Reader:

All the praise is for Allah the Lord of the Worlds and may the prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions and upon those who tread his path and have been guided by his guidance until the Day of Judgment.

As to what follows, Oh brothers for the sake of Allah the committee which has been entrusted with the deliverance of seminars and lectures in this town has seen that the topic of the talk tonight be " Clarifying the meaning of Laa Ilaha Illa Allah."

I agreed to that because this statement is the beholder of the Deen (religion) and the infrastructure of the millah (path). With it, Allah differentiates between the disbelievers and the Muslimeen (Muslims), and it is that which all of the messengers called to. Books were sent down because of it, and because of it two races (of creation) were created, the jinn and mankind.

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